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     International Trade
      Tel: 18601708233

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    About Us

    Shanghai Dexiang Medicine Tech Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company specializing in research, development production and sales of PVP series product. We are adopting to state-of- the-art polymerization technology in our process and morden management system. Our main products:PVPK17,PVPK25, PVP-K30, PVP-K90, PVP-Iodine, Crosspovidone(PVPP), NVP, NMP, PVP/VA64 etc. We provide lot-to-lot traceability, responsive service, and comprehensive after-sales support. We demonstrate flexibility and dependability every day,delivering products and service based on our customers need. Our product lines span a broad range of PVP polymers,with this wide variety,the polymers can meet the needs of  multiple  industries and appilications. Most of our products are widely used in  Pharmaceuticals,Cosmetics/Personal Care,H...



    • 2019/2/19

      2019 CPHI (Shanghai) China, booth number: E3G65, date: June …

      Shanghai Dexiang to present at the 19th CPHI (Shanghai) China.Our booth number: W5A69, date: June 18 - 20th,2019 Our main products PVP K17, K25, K30, K90, PVP Iodine, Crospovidone, PVP/VA64, NVP, e...

    • 2018/1/3

      2018 CPHI China 

      2018 CPHI (Shanghai) China, our booth number: W5A69, date: June 20 - 22th Our main products PVP K17, K25, K30, K90, PVP Iodine, Crospovidone, PVP/VA64, NVP, ect. will be displayed there, war...

    Contact Us

    Shanghai Dexiang Medicine Tech. Co., Ltd
    Addr:325-326, Building No.3 , No. 900 Quyang road, Shanghai , 200437, China
    Tel:86-021-55512698 86-021-55510297