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    Product Name:Povidone Iodine

    Chemical Description:Complex of Polyvinylpyrrolidone with fine Iodine,PVP Iodine,PVP-I
    Pharmacopeia Name:Povidone Iodine (Povidonum Iodinatum)
    CAS NO.:25655-41-8
    Formula structure:

    Product Properties:

    PVP-Iodine exists as free flowing,redish brown powder,non-irritant with good stability,dissolve in water and alcohol,insoluble in diethylethe and chloroform.


    25kgs/drum,inner lined with PE bags;

    9000kgs/20ft container.

    Stored in dry place at room temperature.


    Povidone Iodine(PVP-I) is one of the broad-spectrum disinfectant form human/animal health and other industries,

    it's acted as

    1)Surgical disinfectant for skin and equipments,

    2)Disinfectant for aquatics and animals,

    3)Microbicide for food and feed industries,

    4)Antiseptic for gynecological nursing products,oral care formulations.