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    PVP-A (PVP A Copolymer Series)
    Product Name:Copvodione
    Chemical Description:Vinylpyrrolidone with Vinyl Acetate Copolymer,PVP/VA 64 Powder
    INCI/CTFA:VP/VA Copolymer
    Pharmacopeia Name:Copovidone(Copovidonum)
    CAS NO.:25086-89-9
    Formula structure:
    Properties: White or creamy white,free-flowing power with characteristic smell,hygroscopic.Good solubility in water,alcohol and other organic solvents.


    In view of it’s excellent adhesiveness ,film hard and other properties,

    Copovidone mainly used as water-soluble binder and dry binder in

    wet/direct granulation processes,also it can be used as film forming materials.